StHealth Nutrition C4 Mass Builder


Lean Muscle Builder.  Serious Lean Muscle Growth! Ultra Advanced Lean Muscle Builder. Engineered Advanced Muscle Mass Gainer.

Lean Muscle Builder

Serious Lean Muscle Growth!

Ultra Advanced Lean Muscle Builder

Engineered Advanced Muscle Mass Gainer


Take aim at serious lean muscle growth with StHealth C4 Mass! StHealth C4 Mass has been designed around the findings and research of leading sports nutritionists, combining optimum amounts of amino acids and macronutrients (carbohydrates and proteins) to maximize muscle tissue repair and replenish glycogen levels. Your body is designed to absorb macronutrients and amino acids 30 minutes before and after training, assisting the anabolic and preventing the catabolic processes, leading to improved muscle tissue growth.

StHealth Nutrition has engineered an advanced growth and recovery matrix to maximize your opportunities for enhanced anabolism and nutrient receptivity before and after training. The following key allies have been enlisted.



BCAAs metabolize directly into muscle tissue, promoting muscle growth, making them they unlike any other amino acid. The anabolic properties, ability to maintain muscle tissue and the preservation glycogen stores in muscle tissue makes BCAAs supplementation a must for gaining muscle mass.



increases and maintains muscle mass during times of intense training. Glutamine assists protein synthesis and is a potent anabolic and anti-catabolic agent.

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