Black Bull Ripped As FCK Fat Burner


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FAT BURNERS! The best selling supplement all around the world because face it no one wants to be the fat kid, but if only it was that simple ,  a magic pill  undoing all of the bad diet choices you have made over the last years, bad news is there is NO magic pill out there, but there are a few that come close and if taken correctly with an balanced diet you can get shredded AF! 


But not everyone takes fat burners for the same reason, fat burners promote fat loss, increases your metabolism, boosts energy, curbs your appetite and even increases your core temperature to help burn calories throughout the day, regardless of the reason your health should always come first and if there is one thing over weight housewives have taught us is that the more fat burners you take doesn’t mean the more weight you’ll lose.


Always make sure you  know what you are taking, and take it in a controlled dosage. It also doesn’t take a medical degree to know that you shouldn’t be taking thermogenic fat burner when you’re pregnant, your PREGNANT lady not fat!! ,same goes for breastfeeding. If you are on any medication like antidepressants steer clear as well, fat burners usually contain high dosages of stimulants that could mess with your medication. 


Now with the lecture out of the way here are some tips on how to best use your fat burner:

1. Take it on an empty stomach when doing fasted cardio, the stimulants will give you enough energy to power through your workout and burn fat at the same time.

2. If you are planning on hitting the weights take it 20 mins before you train, by the time you’re warmed up and ready you’ll be sweating like crazy.

3. Test your tolerance, you don’t want to be bouncing off the walls so make sure you start with a smaller dosage to ease you Into it.

4. Take your fat burners on non training days, this will help curb your appetite and boost energy.

5. An evenly split dosage twice a day will help you burn calories right through the day, be careful not to take it to late tho, some people are sensitive to stimulants and it mite keep you up at night.


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