Taking pre-workout supplements are an emerging craze, but many people don’t know that much about them. Essentially, these supplements are composed of several key ingredients, such as caffeine and beta-alanine, that work together to ignite your training sessions. By taking pre-workout supplements you’re able to achieve peak performance and efficiency in the gym; allowing you to train both harder and longer.

Here are some of the many benefits of using pre-workout supplements

Get More Energy to Workout

Having more energy during a workout is an obvious benefit, and this boost is primarily due to one key ingredient: caffeine. A pre-workout supplement containing caffeine acts as a stimulant, helping you feel energized and ready to take on the world (and more importantly, your workout). When caffeine and arginine are combined, the result is an even more powerful pick-me-up. The key is to have the right combination of ingredients that put some “pep” in your step, while remaining safe to use every day.

Increase Workout Performance and Efficiency

Probably the biggest benefit (and the whole point) of pre-workout supplements is they improve your ability to train harder and more efficiently. Whether you are trying to lose weight or to build muscle mass, pre-workout supplements help you operate at peak efficiency by making sure that you are locked in, that you feel good, and that you have the energy, power, and stamina to dominate your workout.

Weight Loss and Metabolism

One of the more indirect effects of using pre-workout supplements is weight loss, as many of the ingredients (which we’ll get to below) stimulate metabolism. Caffeine, a key ingredient in most pre-workout supplements, is also a proven fat loss aid. When ingested, caffeine raises body thermogenesis and fat oxidation, boosts metabolism, and delays the onset of hunger. This indirect weight loss can be a benefit even if you are not trying to lose weight, as it keeps you lean and fit.

Recover Faster with Supplements

Even though they are taken before a work out, pre-workout supplements help you recover afterwards. Almost every gym-goer knows that working out until failure is the best way to get gains quickly; however, it’s also the best way to ensure that you’re sore for what feels like the rest of your life. Supplement ingredients like caffeine and creatine monohydrate reduce muscle soreness and increase glucose and insulin levels after your workout, helping you feel better faster.

Improve Concentration and Focus at the Gym

The mental aspect is a huge piece of the workout pie, and making sure you stay locked in and focused is imperative to optimizing your results. Pre-workoutsupplements help prevent you from becoming mentally strained after working out. This is largely due to the caffeine portion of the supplement.

So, other than caffeine, what’s in most pre-workout supplements?

Ingredients in Pre-Workout Supplements

Ready to learn more about pre-workout supplements? According to Coach Magazine, here are three crucial ingredients of most pre-workout supplements:


Caffeine provides an energy boost and acts as a stimulant. It lowers your perceived rate of exertion, increases fat burning, improves mental concentration and focus, aids with faster recovery, indirectly helps with weight loss, and increases performance and efficiency. It also gives you that amazing feeling of being ready to take on the world.


Beta-alinine is an amino acid that allows you to train harder and longer by reducing muscle fatigue.

Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) that help with muscle growth and recovery. They prevent current muscle tissue from disintegrating, and they ensure that new tissue grows bigger and stronger.

These three key ingredients, combined with the many other ingredients of pre-workout supplements, help keep you at the top of your game during workouts.

Pre-Workout supplements have quickly emerged to be a major asset to any gym-rat or fitness guru. They act as a tool that can ignite your workouts, allowing you to become a more efficient, better performing version of yourself.

Okay so what do you really know about whey protein, Except of course for seeing every second athlete with one in their hand or taking a selfie with it in the background….? There is an abundance of research that suggests that protein intake is not only good for overall health but also for your physique in both men and women. In Addition to helping with cravings, whey should be your go to protein powder for a few simple reasons: 1) Helps lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass: there are many types of pills and potions on the market and with regards to protein powder the most beneficial for both fat loss and muscle building is without a doubt Whey protein. It is fast digesting and fast absorbing protein, meaning you will be able to get vital nutrients to your muscles faster while increasing your metabolism and in other words… Results=faster! 2) Burns more calories: by boosting your resting metabolic rate. Whey was also shown to burn more fat (fat oxidation) in comparison to soy or vegetable based proteins. 3) Helps control cravings: protein by nature is slow digesting=fuller for longer meaning a high protein and low-carb/calorie whey protein can increase satiety and reduce cravings. Also it makes a mean Smoothie and some other creative goodies but we will get into those another time. 4) May help boost your mood:protein contains large amounts of tryptophan (amino acid) that improves stress control and increases the happy hormone =Serotonin. 5) Boost the immune system: boosts levels of immune-related proteins and can also provide anti-inflammatory purposes. 6) It’s easy digestible: especially in whey protein isolate, a further refined version of whey protein that removes additional fats, carbs and lactose therefore many lactose-intolerant or lactose sensitive people are able to tolerate whey protein isolate. Now I must say when it comes down to finding a low carb~low sugar, quality whey that’s also affordable… Well the list is thin. Black Bull nutrition has seriously impressed me with this one, it is Truthfully-THE BEST TASTING WHEY PROTEIN I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I got gifted the vanilla donut flavour and I would honestly prefer it over a slice of cake or chocolate any day and feel happy and guilt free. The difference I’ve experienced in comparison to other whey proteins are: 1) no bloating 2) no heartburn 3) no sudden energy spikes 4) the taste blew me away 5) craving buster of note My life can feel like a never ending race some days going from work to gym to studies and reaching all my clients and trying to be a fully functional adult that preps her meals and keeps her shit together and because I don’t get much time to sit down and eat the Whey protein has made a huge difference in my life and is one of the essentials for someone who pushes at the gym and also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels because lets be honest nobody likes training and feeling fatigued or tired while doing it and that leads to being demotivated. @blackbullhardcore I’m very Very VERY picky when it comes to food and especially supplements but I must Tell you… you guys have Outdone yourselves on this one “GIVE THAT MAN A SHAKE”??

*F*ck Off Fat is the only fat burner that offers speed and duration at the same time. A quick and rapid onset of its powerful fat-burning and energy-promoting effects can be enjoyed straight away. The product also has a controlled and extended release, this will ensure maximum results day and night. No other fat burner is this strong and works this efficiently.


F*ck Off Fat Ingredients:



Green tea



Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6



F*ck Off Fat Instructions:

Take one capsule as you wake up in the morning.It is important that you do not exceed 1 capsule per day.  Not for use by children, pregnant women or anyone with or  has been diagnosed with high blood pressure or any cardio vascular problems whatsoever.


Within minutes of taking them you will feel all the compounds working for you:

°Suppresses appetite

°Incinerates fat

°Explosive energy

°Continues to work for 24 hours

If you have been looking at creatine and wondering what this highly rated, performance product is and what it does, then this article is for you!

The first question that one asks, well, what is creatine? A protein? An amino acid? The answer is no, creatine is a compound of own. This compound is derived from the skeletal muscle fibers from animal products like beef, salmon, and pork.

The second question the majority of people ask is, what does creatine do and why do people take it? Creatine is used in sports that generally require that ‘ONE MORE REP’ explosive power. Creatine is used to generate strength in high-intensity workouts to provide the power for YOUR one more rep.

In saying this, to determine the strength ultimately built, will all depend on the type of training you are doing and whether your training is adding to your gains, or depleting them. Typically, in men, your fitness builders, body builders, crossfitters, rugby players, OCR trainers, calisthenics and gym goers will be the biggest fans of creatine as this adds to the ‘energy’ of their muscles to enhance their strength and improve their over-the-edge performance level.

In women, the use of creatine is in the same nature as when men use creatine. Women doing high-intensity sports that are looking for the perfect product to enhance their strength and to pack the force into their ‘ONE MORE REP’. Ladies, do not be worried that creatine will bulk you up, it will not. Creatine will give you strength to train harder and ultimately the endurance to train longer. #BootyGains

It’s all about explosive strength!

NUTRITECH™ offer three killer creatine variations. All three variations offer their own pros which will determine which one is best for a type of athlete or average training person. First, we have CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, the mother of all creatines that is used commonly amongst men and women that are in a form of a powder that can be mixed with water, juice, your protein shakes or your morning smoothies. Creatine monohydrate is cycled with a loading and maintence phase and an on/off period for optimum use.

Then we have CREATINE HCL, this rapid absorbing creatine comes in a capsule form that is a salt form of creatine with no water retention side effects and zero cycling nor loading phases. You can use this baby all year round with no off periods, creatine HCL allows for micro-dosing, a new radical way of taking creatine, which means you only need to take it once a day versus three times!

Last, but certainly not least, in fact with the MOST, we have… CREATECH™ LOADED, the meanest anabolic muscle growth product yet. This one is for the hard gainers, the #CREATHREBELS, the rebels against the anti-gains! The CREATECH™ LOADED formula is engineered with a 45gram fast multi-stage release 4-source carbohydrate blend, including patented Cluster Dextrin®, to spike insulin levels, maximise creatine transport, absorption and reload glycogen stores. Designed to promote rapid increases in size, strength, power and when taken as directed, the CREATECH™ LOADED formula delivers a dual creatine support, with 5grams of Creatine HCL and Monohydrate on a 1:1 ratio, 5 g of BCAAs on a 3:1:1 ratio and 3 g of L-Glutamine.

Article source: https://nutritechfit.com/nutritech-creatine-101/

The alpha bull is the one who owns his destiny and as a result, owns the herd. Be the biggest baddest mother fkr out there.
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Okay so about a week ago I recieved a very generous package from @blackbullhardcore and to test the newly launched supplement range in SA as they believed it would suit my type of lifestyle, now I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of supplementation due to the fact that most of the things we buy are …. Well….. Crap! to say the least.

With that being said, I do require a few things to keep me going and thus far I have given these products from Black Bull Hardcore a sufficient amount of time to give an accurate and honest opinion, first on my list is the Test Booster, now before some people lose their minds haha educate yourself first by doing some research on it.

A testo booster helps me with better sleep (I have insomnia). I wake up energized and not groggy. 

I bruise less easy (big problem in staying fighting fit between krav maga and boxing).

The benefits for women on this may be an increase in stamina, energy, decreases bloating and water retention which in turn makes us look and feel leaner and helps balance our moods. I do take half the recommended dosage and the new testobull has absolutely knocked me off my feet, definitely one of my new favourite products.
I’m giving my real and Honest opinion here, I don’t usually post about supplements and the newest craze and that is why I will stay true to myself and tell it like it is, I don’t gain anything from this but I must give credit where it is due and say well done to Black Bull Hardcore on the test booster. 

I’m rating this product A++ thats 1 product down and 2 to go ??

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You thought it was over?! Neah we just getting FKN started!

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Protein is by far the most influential weapon in your training arsenal, the building block of a FKN legit physique. Sure, almost every brand out there has their own idea of a protein formula; is that what you want for your life, or do you want the most badass as FCK formula on the market?

100% PLATINUM WHEY is made using the finest whey isolate, concentrate and milk proteins available to bring you one of the FKN smoothest and greatest tasting protein shakes on the planet.

Consult your local gym manager before using to make sure he has enough FKN bars to load and iron to lift.

For a great tasting, delicious shake, take 2 scoops (32g) Protein with 200ml of cold water (depending on personal preference for desired thickness). For added body blend two or three ice cubes with 100% PLATINUM WHEY, Use 2-3 servings daily.