Steve Hawkins shares an experience that made him appreciate life.

On Monday a had to go to East London for work, on my way there I had to stop at a few “stop-and-go’s” due to the ongoing roadworks, firstly I don’t like traveling and secondly when I do travel I don’t like to drive.”

Now you can imagine driving for over 6hrs I was pretty fed up and kinda felt that Monday could go Fck itself, but I noticed something on my way back home. There was a young lady working at the second “stop-and -go” that greeted every single car with a smile as they passed by, she did this with the same enthusiasm when I past the “stop-and-go” on my way back, she smiled and waved greeting every car kindly. Keep in mind this lady has been standing on the side of the road for a entire day in the sun.”

This made me realize 2 things:

No- 1 (your attitude creates your latitude) she made the very best of her day regardless of anything

2 – How lucky I am to be in the position I am.”

That young lady taught┬áme to live with an attitude of gratitude.”


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